Colours shown below are representative of various earmold colours.
Accuracy is limited to the photographic and internet technology, as well as the settings of your monitor. Actual colours may vary.

Silicone II or Catamaran

At EMSEE, we mix our own Silicone and Catamaran colours to meet the requests of our clients. As such, the colours shown below do not limit other possibilities. As each batch of colour is mixed separately, future orders may differ slightly from what has been photographed here. If you desire a specific shade for your Silicone II / Catamaran earmolds or plugs, please describe it as clearly as you can. Alternately, if you send a single-shade colour sample to the lab, we will do our best to match it. Images with gradient effects are unsuitable as colour samples. Please note: Catamaran Swim Plugs are available in solid colours or swirls only. Clear molds are not possible, nor are the other three types of options shown lower on the page. Select Silicone II in these cases.

All Silicone or Sil II molds can be made as Frost (Satin) finish or Gloss (Shiny) finish. By default, we will put the Gloss finish on all swim or noise plugs, or on molds with sparkles, swirled colours, metallic colours, or with the glow-in-the-dark option. We use the Frost finish for single colour earmolds, or Musicians' plugs.


Sil II Clear
w. Frost finish
Sil II Clear
w. Gloss finish
Sil II
Catamaran Flesh
(Gloss finish)
Sil II
Pink Tint
Sil II
Light Brown (Tint)
Sil II / Catamaran
Medium Brown
Sil II / Catamaran
Dark Brown

Silicone II or Catamaran Solid Colours (Frost finish shown)

Neon RedNeon OrangeNeon YellowNeon GreenNeon BlueNeon PurpleNeon Pink

Silicone II or Catamaran Swirls and Patterns (Gloss finish shown)

We suggest that colours opposite each other on the colour wheel have a better appearance, but any combination of up to three colours is possible, in Swirl, Twist, Stripes, Dots, or Camouflage. Please note that when requested on carved molds (including hearing aid molds, sleep eez, etc), stripes or dots will not be quite as crisp as pictured below, due to the mold shaping process.

Swirls Rainbow TwistTiger StripeRed with
Black Dots

Silicone II Tints (Frost finish shown)

Red TintOrange TintYellow TintGreen TintBlue TintPurple TintNeon Pink Tint

Silicone II Sparkles and Stardust (Gloss finish shown)

Sparkles are available in Silver, Gold or primary colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink) and can be put in clear or tinted molds.
Stardust is a much finer type of sparkle available in silver or any tint.

Green SparklesSilver StardustPurple StardustPink Stardust

Silicone II Metallics and Glow (Gloss finish shown)

Metallic molds are available in Silver, Gold, or all the colours of the rainbow.
Glow molds are available in chalk white, or almost any solid colour. All will glow in the dark, though lighter colours will glow brighter.

Metallic SilverMetallic GoldMetallic BlueGlow in the darkPink Glow

PVC Basic Colours

HydroclearProtint (Pink)Dermatex

PVC Neon Colours

When a more outgoing colour is desired in the PVC family of materials, the colours shown below can be produced for your client.
Sorry, any colours not shown here are not possible.


Acrylic Basics

Hard ClearHard PinkHard BrownHard Dark BrownHard BlackHard/Flex
MedicrylMediflexSoftexUltraflexSoftex PinkSoftex Brown

Hard Colours

We are able to do a range of colours in Hard Clear Acrylic, as shown below. Silver sparkles may also be ordered.
Hard-Flex earmolds can include any combination of PVC or semi-soft colours above, in combination with any Hard colour concha.

BluePurpleHot PinkSparkles