Emsee specializes in hearing aid ear molds, swim plugs, industrial hearing protection, as well as products for professional musicians, but we still offer a range of supplies for hearing professionals. For products and equipment not shown here, please contact our office directly; we will always be happy to investigate other supplies that may be of use to you.

Impression Accessories

Foam Oto-Blocks

  • Paediatric Slim Stops (7x4mm)
  • CIC Slim Stops (9x6mm, 7x9mm, 7x6mm)
  • Small (“Grey”; 9x8mm)
  • Medium (“White”; 11x8mm)
  • Large (“Blue”; 13x8mm)

Ear Light with tip
Injection Syringe (with heavy duty handle and vinyl gasket)
MegaPressPlus Impression Tubes, Gun and Nozzles
MegaSil hand-mix Silicone Impression Material
MegaSil "Solos" Individual Impression Kits
Audalin (Acrylate) Bulk Impression Material
Audalin "Solos" Individual Impression Kits

Tubing and Supplies

Pre-bent PVC Tubing

  • #13 Regular Wall (.076x.122; Also called “Medium”)
  • #13 Heavy Wall (.076x.130; Also called “Thick”)
  • #13 Double Wall (.076x.142; “Super-Heavy”)
  • 3mm Libby Horn (Heavy Wall only)
  • 4mm Libby Horn (Heavy Wall only)
  • CFA Tubing with Collars

Pre-bent Stay-Dry Tubing

  • #13 Dry Heavy Wall (.076x.130; “Thick”)
  • 3mm Dry Libby Horn (Heavy Wall only)

Bulk Tubing (Sold by the foot)

  • #13 Regular Wall (.076x.122; Also called “Medium”)
  • #13 Heavy Wall (.076x.130; Also called “Thick”)

Tubing Accessories

  • Hard Cement (All Acrylic molds)
  • Soft Cement (All PVC molds)
  • Special-Dry cement (All Acrylic molds when fit with Dry Tubing)
  • Liquid Tubing Expander (All tubes)
  • Tube Locks (Silicone molds only)
    • Gold (Metal)
    • Plastic (Rigid, With flange at aperture)
    • Invisi-Lock (Rigid plastic, entirely enclosed within mold)
    • Vinyl (Flexible, Pre-installed on Heavy or Double Wall tubes only)
  • 90° Plastic Elbow
  • Male & Female Adaptors
  • Knowles Acoustic Filters
  • IFB Coiled Tubes with M&F Adaptors, 90° elbow, and shirt clip (Security and telecommunications)